Daly City Things To Do

Things to do in Daly City

The Daly City community is thriving with local businesses! Restaurants and shopping opportunities abound in Daly City, CA. There are also a number of regular events and things to do in Daly City. In this lovely city, you can find something for the city slicker or the country lover in you.

Another popular way to enjoy the day is to head into the nearby San Francisco, which simply teems with museums, galleries, fine restaurants, shopping and world-renowned tourists sites. It's a quick and easy commute using the BART transit system.

With it's consistantly mild climate, many Daly City, California activities are enhanced by being outdoors.

One of the best ways to spend outdoor time in Daly City is to make a trip to Thornton Beach State Park. Slated to become part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Thornton is a remnant of a once-popular state beach. Although technically closed due to erosion, the park still remains popular with locals. Located on the edge of John Daly Boulevard and Skyline Boulevard, Thorton Beach is a segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and the Coastal Trail which follows a 1.2-mile sandy trail up and down the dunes from Thornton Beach up to Fort Funston in San Francisco south.

You'll also find great hiking at the San Bruno Mountain State Park. This State Park is at the northern reaches of the Santa Cruz range with Daly City sitting at it's feet. The park provides visitors with day-use facilities, excellent hiking trails, and beautiful views of San Francisco and Central Bay Area. The park is also the home for wide variety of birds, animals, endangered plant life and beautiful butterfly species. 

During your visit to Daly City, CA, don't forget to take advantage of shopping opportunities

Since the Westlake Shopping Center shopping mall opened in the late 1940's, Daly City and neighboring Colma have emerged as shopping meccas for San Francisco residents. With plentiful free parking space (compared to parking options in San Francisco) and San Mateo County's lower state sales tax rate have contributed to this.  There are many large retailers who, due to high real estate prices, space restrictions, or opposition, have not been able to open locations in San Francisco but have opened stores in the Serramonte and Westlake neighborhoods. The Serramonte Center mall has a number of top-rated stores, including department stores like Macy’s and speciality retailers like H&M. Westlake Shopping Center is another popular local shopping spot.

Visitors and residents of Daly City are accustomed to enjoying the vast cultural offerings in the region. In Daly City, CA residents celebrate their cultural heritage and diverse population with schools, events and festivals like the new Asian American Cultural Festival, the Manuia Polynesian RevueTe Mau Tamari'i A Tiare - Na Kamali'i A Kiele, the The West Coast Lion Dance Troupe, and the  Nemenzo Polynesian Dance Group.

There are also business conferences like the Annual Business to Consumers Showcase.  There are also annual events that appeal to local residents from bowling and charity poker tournaments to youth sports tournaments.

Residents also have some wonderful programs available for children, seniors and people of all ages at the local library.  Kids reading programs, game days and computer learning are just a few of the programs that are available at the Library.  Check out the programs available at these Local Library locations:

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