Surprising Facts About Daly City

A Rose by Any Other Name - Daly City's Secret Identities

Although Daly City is named after John Daly, a local businessman and landowner, this great city has many nicknames. Because of its close location to San Francisco, it’s often referred to as the Bedroom of San Francisco as well as being called Gateway to the Peninsula. In the 19th century, it was called Cattle Town. Daly City is also called Fog City because of the frequent fog experienced throughout the city, which is also considered the city’s natural air conditioning system. Daly City’s fire station #92 is often called Hot Deuce.

Mass Production = Little Boxes = Streetcar Suburb

During WWII, a group of mass-produced homes were built throughout the city. These homes, known as Little Boxes or ticky-tacky homes were later written about in a book and also mentioned in the television series Weeds. Streetcar Suburb is what Daly City is often referred to as by San Francisco residents. In addition to the many nicknames this city has adopted through the years, Daly City has also become very popular because of not only its many activities, businesses and events but also for it close location to San Francisco, giving residents and tourists a feel of “smaller town living” while still having big city opportunities.

Daly City Has More Stores than You Could Visit in a City Daily

Daly City excels in the shopping areas it offers to residents and visitors. In addition to Serramonte Center and Westlake Shopping Center, Daly City is home to Pacific Plaza. Pacific Plaza has various stores and small shops as well as several popular restaurants like Beach Burrito, Tomo Sushi, Subway, 88 Rice Bowl, Cold Stone Creamery and Jamba Juice, among others. Serramonte Center has about 140 different stores, and Westlake Shopping Center offers 98 stores. The open-air pedestrian promenade at Westlake Shopping Center is also used for dances, fairs, concerts and other community shows and events. If it’s not enough to offer shoppers a wide variety of stores, these plazas and shopping centers provide free parking – a bonus that attracts people from miles around.

If You Want to Do It, You'll Find It in Daly City

Other places enjoyable for both older children and adults in and near Daly City include Punch-Line Comedy Club; The Blind Café; Parkway Theater Movie for Two with Popcorn and Beer; Town & Country Billiards; SF Comedy Showcase for Two and War Memorial Opera House. In addition to Thornton Beach State Park, Daly City offers various other outdoor activities, including rock climbing, cycling, shooting ranges, skydiving, paint balling, horseback riding and kayaking, among others. Weather needn’t be a factor that ruins your vacation because they is an abundance of outdoor and indoor activities throughout Daly City, CA as well as in nearby San Francisco. The Cow Palace, an indoor arena, is the site for many popular events from political events and rodeos to famous concerts and sporting events.

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